The Journey - Cover by Edmund K. Parker, Jr.

The Journey - By Joe Hyams


Mr. Paul Mills - President and Founder of the American Kenpo Karate International - has been recognized as one of the top twenty five most prominent American Kenpoists. He will be featured in the upcoming book "The Journey" along with twenty four other honorees. There will be approximately five pages about Mr. Mills unique journey in the art as well as never before seen photos. A new portrait of Mr. Mills by Ed Parker, Jr. - son of the late Ed Parker, Sr. - will be included in this book.

Two special sections contained within the book will be dedicated to Elvis Presley - An Ed Parker Black Belt and Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker. Both sections will feature photos and a write up written by Mr. Hyams - an author and Martial Artist who took lessons from both Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker and Bruce Lee. All honorees in the book will have their portrait done by Mr. Ed Parker, Jr.

The price is $27.50 per copy plus shipping and handling. There will also be a special discount for A.K.K.I. members on this book.  Order Today! You do not have to be a member of the A.K.K.I. to order this book, only to receive the discounted price.