AKKI School/Club Membership Benefits
The AKKI Advantage

The annual A.K.K.I. dues for a club is $50* (less than 10 students) and for an A.K.K.I. school it's $125* (11 or more students). Following is a brief list of some of the benefits of why you should partner your school or club with the American Kenpo Karate International association:

  • School/club owners get to keep $10 out of the $25 annual individual membership fees from their own personal students to put back into their schools for training, advertising, promotions, etc. The school/club owner collects the dues then sends in $15 for each student to A.K.K.I. Headquarters in Evanston, Wyoming (USA) directly. The school/club owner will then receive their new individual member packets and distribute them to their student(s). 

  • School/club owners can pre-order membership packets to give their students when they sign up in the A.K.K.I. There is NO waiting for these materials any longer! 

  • School/club owners can pre-order belt certificates for their active A.K.K.I. member students to immediately hand out at time of promotion. Give your students their association certificates immediately after they test. 

  • Exclusive American Kenpo curriculum that gives you a competitive advantage over area schools. Our explosive and effective A.K.K.I. curriculum offers a wider availability of class offerings (Knife fighting, club fighting, ground fighting and stand up grappling) 

  • You will receive a higher level proficiency through innovation for you and your students

  • Availability of profitable and exclusive merchandise offered at wholesale discounts to all A.K.K.I. school & club owners

  • Access to Paul Mills, his Board of Directors and your area Regional Representatives

  • Regional and international testing and promotions available

  • Hold A.K.K.I. seminars in your studio to increase interest and enrollment in your school

  • Internationally recognized A.K.K.I. certificates of rank for you and your students

  • The continued development of an unparalleled, quality Martial Art

  • Technical and personal support for all A.K.K.I. school and club instructors/owners

  • Assistance to those individuals and schools from other styles interested in learning Paul Mills Kenpo to make a smooth transition into the A.K.K.I. association

  • The A.K.K.I. is an "Association for the People", and works very hard with the school to help the school/club prosper

  • And Much More!

*All individual student membership dues collected by the studio owner, as well as any school/club registration annual dues, are to be sent directly to A.K.K.I. Headquarters in the amounts stated above. No exceptions.

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