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The American Kenpo Karate International (A.K.K.I.) is headed by Mr. Paul Mills. The schools and clubs of the A.K.K.I. have very skillful and knowledgeable instructors that teach the art as outlined by Mr. Mills. The A.K.K.I. has Ed Parker's Kenpo System at it's base, but has expanded the curriculum to include many new empty hand, stand up grappling, ground fighting, knife (single & double) and stick (single & double) material. To learn more about what the A.K.K.I. is all about read the A.K.K.I.'s Mission Statement.

One of the biggest differences in the way people execute their actions in the A.K.K.I., when compared to other associations and groups, is the use of the master key "Rhythmic Timing Patterns". All of the updates and new material in the A.K.K.I. include the use of these timing patterns. They help the practitioner move with explosive and powerful action. The study of the rhythmic timing patterns are at the base of the Paul Mills Kenpo style. All of the new A.K.K.I. curriculum also follows Mr. Mills philosophy that "Structure Governs Function".

This updated material includes progressive one and two man interactive training drills, techniques, forms, sets and freestyle. For example: Mr. Mills has consolidated short and long forms 1-3 into "Form1", "Form 2" and "Form 3" and then expanded the original platforms to include new ideas and curriculum not currently being used in any other association. There are different levels to each form - standard and black belt versions. This is so that as skill and proficiency increase; there are more ideas of self defense to learn and explore. Part of the advanced versions include filling the gaps, more ideas on expanding into the gaseous state, and exploring rhythmic timing patterns not previously addressed.

A sample of the new empty hand techniques include; "Divided Fury", "Darting Viper" and "Rising Thunder". New knife techniques include "Swirling Lance" (armed vs. armed) and "Intercepting Lance" (empty hand vs. armed). Club techniques include "Whipping Tempest" (armed vs. armed - offensive), "Colliding Storm" (armed vs. armed - defensive) and "Eye of the Storm" (empty hand vs. armed). These are but just a few of the benefits of membership in this association. These changes and updates have made the A.K.K.I. brand of American Kenpo a powerful and modern system of self-defense to learn and study.

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