Innovation is the Difference

The American Kenpo Karate International association has always been at the forefront of progress and innovation. We are continually pushing the traditionalist envelope of thought and action, asking the tough questions: How can we make highly proficient Black Belts in two 1/2 to three years? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional American Kenpo system? How can we improve on American Kenpo? Can it be accomplished?

Over the last couple of years we've contributed to the success of our instructors and their students and changed the way we do American Kenpo with our innovations. From our techniques to discovering the four master key Rhythmic Timing patterns, to the creation of form 1 through 3, to our ground breaking innovations in American Kenpo weapons and ground fighting, we've been true to our goal of providing real innovation that leads to higher proficiency.

No Reason to Compromise

When it comes to taking American Kenpo, there can be no compromise. Whether you are a student or instructor - we can meet your needs and expectations to the highest degree. Our devotion to offering the highest expertise, most effective, and most explosive street potent American Kenpo is based on our belief that the student needs to have as much knowledge and exposure to realistic self-defense as possible from the beginning.

All we do at the American Kenpo Karate International association is motivated by our sincere desire to make our students and instructors finely-tuned, competent and knowledgeable practitioners. With this as our mission, we will continue to provide quality system updates and innovations, based on experience and vision, along with a level of expertise and service you can only expect from the American Kenpo Karate International association.

A Long History at the Arts

Mr. Mills was a private student of Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo, for over ten years. He learned many valuable lessons from Mr. Parker during that time. He gives his instructor credit for teaching him how to be a more analytical and logical thinker. The lessons learned he will never forget. Mr. Mills has passed down many stories and experiences of his time with Mr. Parker so that his instructor's memory lives on.  

What Mr. Parker taught Mr. Mills was that innovation is the key to the future of the system. He encouraged Mr. Mills to think outside of the traditional ways of thinking and practicing his system.  Mr. Mills is taking the system into the future with his insights, experience, and from what he was taught by his instructor.


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