Sword & Hammer Series

The following series of Sword and Hammer technique video clips are set up to assist the A.K.K.I. members to learn and understand specific principles in American Kenpo. Some of the principles and concepts include the Equation Formula, Grafted Methods of Execution, and Progressive Sequential Energy Development. These videos were all filmed on the same day in May 2000.  The reason why this technique was chosen is because itís an entry-level yellow belt technique in most Kenpo systems. Itís used as a place to start and grow from and was one of the techniques with the shortest combination of movements in Mr. Parkerís Yellow Belt Journal.

This series of video clips demonstrates some alternatives when executing this technique. The first strike that is in the beginning of each of the four clips is a: 

  1. handsword to the neck
  2. handsword to the collarbone
  3. finger whip to the eyes
  4. finger whip to the carotid causing a loss of consciousness

The video clips teach the beginning student how to use a Master Key Method of Initiation (Lift) to a Master Key Method of Delivery (Whip) to different targets. It also teaches how contouring up the body and bending their elbow creates a full range of motion that helps achieve Maximum Action Potential. After the handsword, the next move is a hammerfist that drops down to:

  1. the abdomen
  2. the upper ribcage
  3. the lower ribcage
  4. in the final clip the hammerfist is not executed

With regards to the final clip #4, this shows the Master Key Method of
Delivery and Penetration (Whipping), which highlights the destructive power
of a weapon with a high tail-end speed. This speed is generated by the
entire body, and then transferred to the striking weapon. Internal Opposing
Forces causes the acceleration of the distal segment through the
conservation of angular momentum (angular momentum = L = Iw (where I =
moment of inertia and w = angular velocity). Using these principles, even
the small mass of a finger whip has enormous destructive power. This is the
same principle that allows the tip of a bullwhip to be accelerated so that
the speed of the tip exceeds the speed of sound.

The weapons and targets used are flexible to fit the individual situation and in reality would depend on the level of threat encountered. They only serve as a conceptual base.

In the next series, Mr. Mills will demonstrate this same technique moving directly from a natural position of point of origin using 3-Dimensional Muscle Action. Mr. Mills has consistently used the D1 and D2 Extension and Flexion Patterns that guide this technique and many others, when competing in World Fast Draw Championships.

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