AKKI Club Drill

This clip features Senior Instructor Dan Selleroli, from Wyoming, with his Kenpo Sticks. The two series of timing shown were taken from the AKKI club set, phase III. They are Club Timing Patterns 1 and 2 utilizing uppercase motion. For the viewer to maximize their experience with these clips please turn up your speakers. You can see the speed and sophistication but only when you combine it with the auditory experience will the clips be most beneficial. Listen to the tempo, rhythm and refinement of the club work that Mr. Selleroli is demonstrating. Mr. Mills is in the background calling out which timing patterns Mr. Selleroli is to execute. These are drills that the AKKI encourage its members to engage in when training with the clubs to understand how properly to use Circular Rotational Energy with the clubs to facilitate multiple strikes on multiple targets.

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